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Space Lego - Alien Conquest (2011-2012)
... Alien Conquest is one of the newest series to be released under the Lego Space theme ... A new wave of aliens begins attacking Earth ... The aliens come in with round UFO's and abduct humans, turning them into slaves to use against other humans ...
Mexicans Without Borders
... Mexicans Without Borders (Spanish Mexicanos Sin Fronteras) is a Washington, D.C.-based alien rights group that has been active against what it sees as the growing harassment of alien workers ... central objectives of MSF are permanent residency for all illegal aliens residing in the country and the establishment of legal channels for future waves of aliens ... The committees of aliens that now form the organization first came together in 2001 ...
Soundings (radio Drama) - The Plays - Spaxterback (1987)
... It turns out that a rogue group of aliens has been selling breeding rights for humankind to other species, and when Spaxter tricks them into calling in their “Overlord” this mysterious ... Callers” where a crowd of neo-hippies attempt to contact the aliens ... Mike Giunta Borado Nikto Mike O’Reilly The Aliens Running Length 45 minutes ...
List Of Alien Characters
... This article lists characters and actors in the Alien series of science fiction films ... The series spans four films Alien (1979), Aliens (1986), Alien 3 (1992), and Alien Resurrection (1997) ... crossed-over with the Predator films with the releases of Alien vs ...
Aliens & Rainbows
... Aliens Rainbows is the debut album by the American pop rock singer-songwriter Ferras ... Aliens Rainbows charted at 97 on the billboard 200 selling 5,245 copies ...

Famous quotes containing the word aliens:

    The fact that illness is associated with the poor—who are, from the perspective of the privileged, aliens in one’s midst—reinforces the association of illness with the foreign: with an exotic, often primitive place.
    Susan Sontag (b. 1933)

    You shall not withhold the wages of poor and needy laborers, whether other Israelites or aliens who reside in your land in one of your towns. You shall pay them their wages daily before sunset, because they are poor and their livelihood depends on them; otherwise they might cry to the LORD against you, and you would incur guilt.
    Bible: Hebrew, Deuteronomy 24:14,15.