Aldermaston Court - History of The Estate - The De La Mare Family (1361 – 1490)

The De La Mare Family (1361 – 1490)

De la Mare was from Somerset, and became the High Sheriff of Berkshire in 1370. His son was bestowed with this same position during Richard II's reign in the late 14th century. Robert de la Mare, Thomas's grandson, married into the Brocas family of Beaurepaire, near Bramley, and was made a Knight of the Shire by Henry V. Robert's son was the last of the de la Mare lineage, and a Knight of the Holy Sepulchre.

Elizabeth de la Mare, whose male relatives predeceased her, inherited Aldermaston. She married into the Forster family from Northumberland. Stephen Forster, an ancestor, had previously become the Lord Mayor of London in 1454.

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