Alchemy Gun

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Chemistro - Powers and Abilities
... He is a highly skilled inventor and built his alchemy gun, which fires radiation able to transmute any substance into any other form of matter ... is able to neutralize and reverse the effects of the alchemy gun, and Arch Morton's transmutation powers ... Therefore his alchemy gun cannot be used merely to transmute substances, such as turning lead or rock into gold ...
Chemistro - Fictional Character Biography - Archibald Morton
... Wolfman and Ron Wilson In-story information Alter ego Archibald Morton Abilities Wields alchemy gun Archibald "Arch" Morton was born in Sheridan, Wyoming, and became a professional criminal ... He forced Curtis Carr to reveal the secret of his alchemy gun while they were cellmates ... Upon leaving prison, Morton attempted to replicate the alchemy gun, but it exploded in his hand, granting him superhuman powers and enabling him to transmute substances via touch ...
Chemistro - Fictional Character Biography - Calvin Carr
... information Alter ego Calvin Carr Abilities Wields alchemy gun Calvin Carr, Curtis' younger brother, stole the alchemy gun and took the Chemistro name ... Calvin's alchemy gun was turned into wrist blasters by the Wizard who sent him and the Wrecker to attack Iron Man and Jim Rhodes during the "Acts of Vengeance ... Although Chemistro used his alchemy gun to free Iron Fist and Luke Cage, he was knocked out by Power Man ...

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