Alan Whitehead - Pre-pay Meters

Pre-pay Meters

Alan Whitehead is currently campaigning with the National Housing Federation to end the current pricing practice utilised by several energy companies which sees customers who pay for their electricity or gas via pre-pay meters pay more for the same amount of energy than customers who pay via direct debit. Dr Whitehead argues:

“Ten per cent. of pre-pay electricity customers are in fuel poverty compared with only 3.5 per cent. of direct debit customers. In short, those who need affordable energy most pay far more for it than those who do not. What is worse, because of the nature of pre-payment, most of them are not aware of that fact.”

Supplier Average Standard Credit Average Pre-pay meter Average difference


Npower £911 £1,021 +£110
Powergen £916 £1,001 +£85
British Gas £914 £994 +£80
SSE £872 £935 +£63
EDF £908 £934 +£26
Scottish Power £961 £931 - £30


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