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Maxwell's Equations - Conceptual Description - Faraday's Law
... Faraday's law describes how a time varying magnetic field creates ("induces") an electric field ... bar magnet creates a changing magnetic field, which in turn generates an electric field in a nearby wire ...
Electromagnetic Field
... An electromagnetic field (also EMF or EM field) is a physical field produced by moving electrically charged objects ... The electromagnetic field extends indefinitely throughout space and describes the electromagnetic interaction ... The field can be viewed as the combination of an electric field and a magnetic field ...
Australian Rules Football - Laws of The Game - Field
... Both the ball and the field of play are elliptical in shape ... than 18 players of each team are permitted to be on the field at any time ... Up to four interchange (reserve) players may be swapped for those on the field at any time during the game ...
Design Pattern
... to a design problem in a particular field of expertise ... by the architect Christopher Alexander in the field of architecture and has been adapted for various other disciplines, including computer science ... An organized collection of design patterns that relate to a particular field is called a pattern language ...
Maurice Anderson
... in 1943, and became CO of the 195th (Airlanding) Field Ambulance ... Anderson was in command of 195 Airlanding Field Ambulance, which collected, treated and held over four hundred casualties for well over thirty hours. 1) MOD Report Account of Operations, 6 Airlanding Brigade (2) Report Account of Operations, 195 Airlanding Field Ambulance from Pegasus Archive (3) BBC People's War ...

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