Air Pollution in The United States - Pollution Level Rankings

Pollution Level Rankings

Most polluted US cities by short-term particulate matter
Rank City
1 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
2 Fresno, California
3 Bakersfield, California
4 Los Angeles, California
5 Birmingham, Alabama
6 Salt Lake City, Utah
7 Sacramento, California
8 Logan, Utah
9 Chicago, Illinois
10 Detroit, Michigan
Most polluted US cities by ozone levels

Rank City
1 Los Angeles, California
2 Bakersfield, California
3 Visalia, California
4 Fresno, California
5 Houston, Texas
6 Sacramento, California
7 Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas
8 Charlotte, North Carolina
9 Phoenix, Arizona
10 El Centro, California
Most polluted US cities by year-round particulate matter
Rank City
1 Bakersfield, California
2 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
3 Los Angeles, California
4 Visalia, California
5 Birmingham, Alabama
6 Hanford, California
7 Fresno, California
8 Cincinnati, Ohio
9 Detroit, Michigan
10 Cleveland, Ohio

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