Air Corps

The term air corps can generically refer to an air force.

In specific use, air corps or Air Corps may refer to:

  • United States Army Air Corps, the predecessor of the United States Air Force
  • Army Air Corps (United Kingdom), the air corps of the British Army
  • Air Corps (Ireland), the air component of the Defence Forces of Ireland
  • Philippine Army Air Corps, the former air corps of the Philippine Army
  • Somali Air Corps, the former air corps of Somalia

Other articles related to "air corps, air":

Bomber Boys - Origins
... Developed over the years 1926–1929 at Air Corps Tactical School (ACTS) at Langley Field in Virginia, a forward-looking doctrine of daylight precision bombing was promulgated by four ... To effect this doctrine, the United States Army Air Corps would be required to expend the majority of its resources in amassing a fleet of self-defending heavy bombers, and in the training and maintenance ... The ACTS officers who believed in the heavy bomber doctrine realized that any other Air Corps expenditures such as for tactical bombers and fighter aircraft would take away from the proposed large fleet of heavy ...
Lester J. Maitland - Awards and Decorations - Citation For Distinguished Flying Cross
16 (1927) Action Date June 28–29, 1927 Service Army Air Corps Rank First Lieutenant The President of the United States of America, authorized by Act of Congress, July ... Army Air Corps, for extraordinary achievement while participating in an aerial flight ...
Samuel E. Anderson
... (January 6, 1906 – September 12, 1982) was a United States Air Force four-star general who served as commander of the Air Material Command ... Assigned immediately to the Air Corps Primary Flying School, Brooks Field, Texas, Lieutenant Anderson completed the course a year later ... He then proceeded to Kelly Field, Texas, to attend the Observation Course at the Air Corps Advanced Flying School ...
Richard E. Nugent
12, 1902 – November 5, 1979) was a lieutenant general in the United States Air Force who, among other positions, commanded the XXIX Tactical Air Command supporting ... In 1929 he transferred to the United States Army Air Corps during its five-year expansion program ... Of Nugent's 22-year career in the Air Corps, Army Air Forces and USAF, three were spent in career training and 19 years were in duty positions four in operational units and commands, and 15 years in staff ...

Famous quotes containing the words corps and/or air:

    There was nothing to equal it in the whole history of the Corps Diplomatique.
    James Boswell (1740–1795)

    My companion and I, having a minute’s discussion on some point of ancient history, were amused by the attitude which the Indian, who could not tell what we were talking about, assumed. He constituted himself umpire, and, judging by our air and gesture, he very seriously remarked from time to time, “you beat,” or “he beat.”
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)