Ahi may refer to:

  • Ahi (Biblical figure), son of Abdiel
  • Ahi (Hinduism), an epithet of Vritra
  • Ahi (language)
  • Ahi (political party), a political party in Israel
  • Ahi Evren
  • Ahi Beylik a middle age principality in Turkey
  • Yellowfin tuna, commonly referred to as ahi tuna from its Hawaiian name.
  • Bigeye tuna, one of two fish called ahi in Hawaiian.
  • Azrak-Hamway International, Inc., a defunct toy company based in New York

AHI may also refer to:

  • Adventist Health International
  • AHI (Amiga), audio standard
  • apnea-hypopnea index of sleep apnea severity
  • AHI, the IATA code for Amahai Airport, Indonesia

Other articles related to "ahi":

Ahimsa In Jainism
... Ahiṃsā in Jainism is a fundamental principle forming the cornerstone of its ethics and doctrine ... The term "ahimsa" (Sanskrit अहिंसा, Ahiṃsā) means “non-violence”, “non-injury” or absence of desire to harm any life forms ... Vegetarianism and other non-violent practices and rituals of Jains flow from the principle of Ahiṃsā ...
AHI (Amiga)
... AHI (AHI audio system) is a retargetable audio subsystem for AmigaOS, MorphOS and AROS ... AHI offers improved functionality not available through the AmigaOS audio device driver, such as, seamless audio playback from a user selected audio device (in applications which supported AHI), standardized ... The first official release of AHI was in 1996 ...
Ahimsa In Jainism - The Rationale of Non-violence
... It would be entirely wrong to see Ahiṃsā in Jainism in any sentimental light ... The motive of Ahiṃsā is totally self-centered and for the benefit of the individual ... The concept of Ahiṃsā is more meaningful when understood in conjunction with the concept of karmas ...
American Hellenic Institute Public Affairs Committee - Major Issues of Concern
... The issues outlined in the AHI policy letters sent to presidential candidates Obama and McCain were typical of those that concern AHI and AHIPAC ... continued Turkish military presence on Cyprus, AHI advised the application of economic sanctions and an arms embargo against Turkey because of restriction of human rights and lack of cooperation ... AHI made clear the fact that they oppose the legitimization of the name "Macedonia" for the country recognised internationally under the provisional ...