Agam may refer to:

  • Āgama (Buddhism), a collection scriptures
  • Jain Agamas, texts of Jainism
  • Agam Regency, a regency of West Sumatra, Indonesia
  • Yaacov Agam, an Israeli artist
  • AGAM, the Israeli Defence Forces Directorate of Operations
  • Agam (band), a Bangalore-based band

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Subdistricts Of West Sumatra
... Akabiluru, Lima Puluh Kota Alam Pauh Duo, Solok Selatan Ampek Nagari, Agam Aur Birugo Tigo Baleh, Bukittinggi Banuhampu, Agam Barangin, Sawahlunto Basa IV Balai ...
Agam Darshi - Early Life
... Agam Darshi was born Agamdeep Darshi in Birmingham, UK ... Agam studied Theatre and Fine Arts at the University of Calgary and earned a degree in photography ... As well as acting, in her spare time Agam loves to backpack and has already backpacked through Europe and Australia ...
Acharya Mahapragya - Spiritual Endeavors (1945–1978) - Agam Research and Editing
... the original text of the thirty-two Agam scriptures was determined and their Hindi translation also completed ... He uncovered many Agam mysteries and presented root philosophies and Mahavir's philosophy and vision in this commentary ...
Pachir Aw Agam District
... Pachir Aw Agam (Pashto پچير او اګام ولسوالۍ‎), or Pachir Wa Agam, is a district in the southeast of Nangarhar Province, Afghanistan, bordering Pakistan ... The district centre is the village of Pachir Aw Agam ... of Tora Bora, one of the last strongholds of Al-Qaeda and the Taliban, is in Pachir Wa Agam district ...
Camp Ramah In Canada - Activities - Agam
... Waterfront activities take place at the agam, Ramah's section of Skeleton Lake ... The other part of the agam perek is boating, where campers sail, canoe, kayak, and water-ski or wake-board on Skeleton Lake ... Other agam activities include point swims, water trampolining, a sailing trip, and excursions to a waterfall ...