Aeria Games and Entertainment

Aeria Games and Entertainment (also known as Aeria Games), is an online games publisher. The corporate headquarters is based in Santa Clara, California. A European subsidiary office, Aeria Games GmbH, is located in Berlin, Germany and in the summer of 2010, another subsidiary office opened in São Paulo, Brazil. Aeria Games & Entertainment Inc. (AGE), a subsidiary of a US based holding company, operates an Internet gaming portal for Internet Massively multiplayer online games internationally. It focuses on online games in multiple formats, client games, browser games, and mobile games. It publishes games for the North America, South America, and Europe market. Aeria Games does not develop any games directly. It licenses games from developers in other regions.

Aeria Games acquired ijji on January 5, 2012.

The company also merged with Gamepot in late 2012.

Its games are free-to-play and use a micropayment system to generate revenue (in game item malls and advertising).

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