Aeolian or Eolian may refer to:

  • things related to Aeolus, the Greek God of wind or the patriarch of Greeks of Aeolia
  • Aeolian harp, a harp that is played by the wind
  • Aeolian processes, wind generated geologic processes
  • Aeolians, an ancient Greek tribe said to be descended from Æolus
  • Aeolian Islands, islands in the Tyrrhenian Sea
  • Aeolian mode, a musical mode, the natural minor key
  • Aeolic order, aka Aeolian order, an order of architecture
  • Aeolian Hall (disambiguation), any one of a number of concert halls of that name
  • Aeolian Quartet, a string quartet (1952-1981) based in London
  • Aeolian Company a maker of pianolas and piano rolls
  • Eolianite, a sandstone formed from wind transported sediment
  • Aeolian (album), an album by German post-metal band The Ocean Collective
  • Eolian, a volume of poetry by David Bates (poet)
  • Eolian (Solar car), a solar car team of the University of Chile

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George Medhurst
... power and the following year he patented his ‘Aeolian’ engine which used compressed air to power vehicles ... In his pamphlet On the properties, power, application of the Aeolian engine, with a plan and particulars for carrying it into execution, Medhurst proposed the ...
Cross-bedding - Environments - Aeolian
... In an aeolian environment, cross beds often exhibit inverse grading due to their deposition by grain flows ...
Aeolian Company - History - Location
... Aeolian Hall (1912–13), 33 West 42nd Street, housed the firm’s general offices and demonstration rooms as a recital hall on the 43rd Street side where ... The building was sold by Aeolian in 1924 ... The firm’s facilities in the new Aeolian Building included a 150-seat recital hall, recording studios for Duo Art piano rolls, offices, design studios, drafting rooms, and a director’s room ...
Aeolian (album)
... Aeolian is an album by the German band The Ocean Collective released in March 2006 ... Aeolian is the second part of a two-CD project that started with Fluxion ... While Fluxion was considered more "atmospheric and orchestral", Aeolian is its more "metal" successor ...