AEI may refer to:

  • Albert Einstein Institute, the Max Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics
  • American Enterprise Institute
  • Architectural Engineering Institute
  • Archive of European Integration
  • Associated Electrical Industries, large firm in the United Kingdom
  • Automatic Equipment Identification, as used by the railroad industry
  • AEI Music Network Inc., which merged with DMX (music) in 2001
  • Alliance for European Integration, the ruling coalition in Moldova since the July 2009 election
  • Aei (trigraph)

Other articles related to "aei":

AEi Systems Subjects - Noteworthy Achievements and Facts
... six sigma class" on worst case analysis was created by AEi Systems AEi Systems performed important work on the LVPS power supply for the Atlas ... AEi Systems has worked on analyses of several critical components of the GPS III program ... ICs that electrical engineers find on the Internet were created by AEi Systems, including those found on the websites of ON Semiconductor and Texas Instruments and used via National ...
AEI World Forum
... The AEI World Forum is an annual meeting of business and financial executives, heads of government, government officials, and intellectuals ... Colorado, it is sponsored by the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) and the Vail Valley Foundation, and it features a number of AEI scholars and fellows ...
Arthur C. Brooks - Presidency of American Enterprise Institute
... On July 14, 2008, AEI president Christopher DeMuth announced that Brooks would succeed him ... "I am thrilled and honored to be asked to serve as the president of AEI," Brooks said ... ranging between prophetic ideas and technical policy details, AEI has always acted as a steward of American ideals of private liberty, individual opportunity, and ...
Anenii Noi District, Moldova - Politics
... Noi, said mainly center-right parties, particularly the AEI ... During the last three elections AEI had an increase of 79.7% Parliament elections results Year AEI PCRM 2010 50.23% 21,670 44.12% 19,034 July 2009 48.48 ...