Addiction - Biological Mechanisms

Biological Mechanisms

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Research indicates that biological mechanisms are present. There are many variables which the studies are in disagreement over as to the primary contributing factors. As discussed in Nature versus nurture, the biological "nature" of individual innate qualities can account for many decisions and actions, such as family history in which genetics, DNA, and other mental disorders remain dormant for generations are triggered. Professional treatment providers have differing opinions on this issue. On the other hand, the cause of behavior can be due to the environmental "nurture" of an individual's behavioral modification, from positive relationships to negative abuse, with the interactions and environmental elements like toxic poisoning, which all consist in each person's "world". Some groups accept both "nature" and "nurture" as equally valid sides of a person's psyche, while studying each individual major action on a case-by-case analysis basis. For example, a patient's liver problem might be caused by hepatitis and abuse of alcohol, with one factor not ruling out the other.

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