• (noun): PH values below 7.
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Acids In Wine - In Wine Tasting
... The acidity in wine is an important component in the quality and taste of the wine ... Of particular importance is the balance of acidity versus the sweetness of the wine (the leftover residual sugar) and the more bitter components of the wine (most notably tannins but also includes ... A wine with too much acidity will taste excessively sour and sharp ...
Acids In Wine - In Winemaking
... Acidity is highest in wine grapes just before the start of veraison, which ushers in the ripening period of the annual cycle of grape vines ... As the grapes ripen, their sugar levels increase and their acidity levels decrease ... Grapes from cooler climate wine regions generally have higher levels of acidity due to the slower ripening process ...
Phosphotungstic Acid - Preparation and Chemical Properties
... Its acidity in acetic acid has been investigated and shows that the three protons dissociate independently rather than sequentially, and the acid sites are of the same strength ... One estimate of the acidity is that the solid has an acidity stronger than H0 =−13.16, which would qualify the compound as a superacid ...
Acidity Function
... An acidity function is a measure of the acidity of a medium or solvent system, usually expressed in terms of its ability to donate protons to (or accept protons ... The pH scale is by far the most commonly used acidity function, and is ideal for dilute aqueous solutions ... Other acidity functions have been proposed for different environments, most notably the Hammett acidity function, H0, for superacid media and its modified version H− for superbasic media ...

More definitions of "acidity":

  • (noun): The taste experience when something acidic is taken into the mouth.
    Synonyms: acidulousness
  • (noun): The property of being acidic.
    Synonyms: sourness, sour