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Thomas Alleyne's High School - Rankings and Results
... there was a drop in the schools exam results by 7% from the previous year with 51% of students achieving 5 or more GCSEs grades A-C compared to a national average of 58.2% ... The school ranked 47th out of 121 schools located within Staffordshire (students achieving 5 or more A* - C GCSEs) and the percentage of children achieving maths and English GCSEs (A* - C) was below both the ... "five or more A* - C grades and 68 per sent an more than 300 students achieving these with higher grades in Maths and English" ...
Heijunka Box
... a concept originally created by Toyota for achieving a smoother production flow ... Whilst heijunka refers to the concept of achieving production smoothing, the heijunka box is the name of a specific tool used in achieving the aims of heijunka ...
Altrincham Grammar School For Girls - Results
... AGGS is currently one of the highest achieving schools in England (this being helped by the fact that it is a selective school which requires girls ... results in national GCSE exams with all girls achieving an A*-C grade (a 100% pass rate) and with 80% of these girls achieving at least a B ...
Moorside High School - Academic Performance
... results for the past five years 2006 with 41% of pupils achieving 5 A*-C 2007 with 44% of pupils achieving 5 A*-C 2008 with 50% of pupils achieving 5 A*-C 2009 with 50% of pupils achieving 5 A*-C 2010 with 67% of ...
Tim Scott (guitarist) - Biography - Early Life
... studying for his GCSE music at Hazel Grove High School achieving a C grade overall but achieving an A in his composition ... Institute (GI), London commencing his studies on 21 September 1992 he graduated achieving the grade Pass on 3 July 1993 ...

Famous quotes containing the word achieving:

    Virtues are not emotions. Emotions are movements of appetite, virtues dispositions of appetite towards movement. Moreover emotions can be good or bad, reasonable or unreasonable; whereas virtues dispose us only to good. Emotions arise in the appetite and are brought into conformity with reason; virtues are effects of reason achieving themselves in reasonable movements of the appetites. Balanced emotions are virtue’s effect, not its substance.
    Thomas Aquinas (c. 1225–1274)

    If mothers are to be successful in achieving their child-rearing goals, they must have the inner freedom to find their own value system and within that system to find what is acceptable to them and what is not. This means leaving behind the anxiety, but also the security, of simplistic good-bad formulations and deciding for themselves what they want to teach their children.
    Elaine Heffner (20th century)

    A defective voice will always preclude an artist from achieving the complete development of his art, however intelligent he may be.... The voice is an instrument which the artist must learn to use with suppleness and sureness, as if it were a limb.
    Sarah Bernhardt (1845–1923)