83 Leonis

83 Leonis, abbreviated 83 Leo, is a binary star system approximately 58 light-years away in the constellation of Leo (the Lion). The primary star of the system is a cool orange subgiant star, while the secondary star is an orange dwarf star. The two stars are separated by at least 515 astronomical units from each other. Both stars are presumed to be cooler than the Sun.

In 2005, an extrasolar planet was confirmed to be orbiting the secondary star within the system.

In 2010 the second planet was discovered.

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... Planet 83 Leonis Bb was discovered in Jan 2005 by the California and Carnegie Planet Search team, who use the radial velocity method to detect planets ... In 2010 the second planet 83 Leonis Bc was discovered ... The 83 Leonis B system Companion Mass Semimajor axis Orbital period Eccentricity Radius b ≥ 0.087 ± 0.006 MJ 0.12186 ± 0.00002 17.054 ± 0.003 0.13 ± 0.07 — c ≥ 0.36 ...