1990 Indianapolis 500 - Box Score - Failed To Qualify

Failed To Qualify

  • Jeff Andretti (#98) — Bumped
  • Salt Walther (#77) — Bumped
  • Guido Daccò (#66) — Bumped
  • Mike Groff (#10/#50) — Bumped
  • Buddy Lazier (#91) — Bumped
  • Johnny Rutherford (#17T/#23) — Bumped
  • Steve Chassey (#93/#96) — Wrecked practice/Bumped
  • Rich Vogler (#8/#12/#50) — Wrecked qualifying/Bumped
  • Jeff Wood (#44) — Wrecked practice
  • Bernard Jourdain (#69) — Wrecked practice
  • George Snider (#51) — Withdrew, replaced
  • Hiro Matsushita (#10) — Passed rookie orientation
  • Steve Barclay (#51) — Wrecked, rookie orientation
  • Kenji Momota (#98) — Did not appear for rookie orientation

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