Zugzwang - Zugzwang Required To Win

Zugzwang Required To Win

In some endgames it is necessary to place the opponent in zugzwang in order to force a win. These include:

  • rook (and king) versus king checkmate
  • two bishops versus king checkmate
  • two knights versus pawn checkmate
  • Bishop and knight checkmate
  • queen versus rook
  • queen versus knight
  • queen versus two knights, and
  • queen versus two bishops (Soltis 2003a:79).

In addition, zugzwang is required in many king and pawn versus king endgames in order to force promotion of the pawn and in other king and pawn endgames with more pawns (Müller & Pajeken 2008:173). (See pawnless chess endgame and fortress (chess) for some discussion of some of these endings.)

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