Zu Chongzhi

Zu Chongzhi (simplified Chinese: 祖冲之; traditional Chinese: 祖沖之; pinyin: Zǔ Chōngzhī; Wade–Giles: Tsu Ch'ung-chih) (429–500), courtesy name Wenyuan (文遠), was a prominent Chinese mathematician and astronomer during the Liu Song and Southern Qi Dynasties.

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... Zu Chongzhi was familiar with Liu Hui's work, and obtained greater accuracy by applying his algorithm to a 12288-gon ... That was the famous Zu Chongzhi π inequality ... Zu Chongzhi then used the interpolation formula by He Chengtian (何承天, 370-447) and obtained an approximating fraction ...
Chinese Mathematicians - Mathematics in The Period of Disunity
... In the fourth century, another influential mathematician named Zu Chongzhi, introduced the Da Ming Li ... Today, the only sources are found in Book of Sui, we now know that Zu Chongzhi was one of the generations of mathematicians ... fractional values over a whole millennium earlier than Europe" Along with his son, Zu Geng, Zu Chongzhi used the Cavalieri Method to find an accurate solution for calculating the volume of the sphere ...
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... as Zu Chongzhi rate ... The lunar crater Tsu Chung-Chi 1888 Zu Chong-Zhi is the name of asteroid 1964 VO1 ...