Zoroastrians in Iran

Zoroastrians in Iran are the oldest religious community of the nation, with a long history continuing up to the present day.

Prior to the Islamization of Iran, Zoroastrianism was the primary religion of Iran. Since the Sassanid Empire was conquered by Muslims in the 7th century CE, Zoroastrians in Iran have faced much religious discrimination, including forced conversions and harassment although technically, Zoroastrians are protected as "People of the Book" in Islam.

According to Iran's 2012 census results, there were 25,271 Zoroastrians in Iran.

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Zoroastrians In Iran - Modern History - Post-Revolution
... revolution of 1979 posed many setbacks for Iran's religious minorities ... Since that time many Zoroastrians, aided by the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society program, have emigrated to the US, as well as to Canada, Australia, and the UK ... and low birth rates, this is leading to a steady decline in Iran's Zoroastrian population which, according to Iran's 2012 census results, currently stands at 25,271 ...

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