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The most popular wheel made by Zipp is the 404 wheelset (582g / 696g), known for its lightweight dimpled 58 mm rim, which is often seen on all but the hilliest courses possible. The appeal of the 404 stems from its superb aerodynamics and a low rim weight (resulting in a low moment of inertia) which make it a versatile wheel for flat and hilly terrain.

In 2005, Zipp debuted the first all aluminum clincher from the company: the Team CSC Clincher. The wheel was intended for use as a training wheelset. Zipp introduced an extra deep aero wheel the 808 (81mm), launched the 606 (404F + 808R) and their 999 wheelset (808F + 900 disc).

As of 2005, dealers and consumers alike noted an increase in the cost of Zipp products, stemming from aircraft manufacturers Boeing and Airbus placing a strain on the carbon fiber market with their most recent designs.

Zipp has introduced the "customized" ZEDTECH wheel line in 2007. Users can choose from an array of colors for decals, spoke nipples, and hub end caps. All ZEDTECH wheels now include aerodynamic dimpled hubs with ceramic bearings. Also in 2007, a new 808 track wheel was introduced with 20/24 spoke pattern and the 343 wheel set (303F + 404R).

New products announced for 2008 included: the redesigned 202 - a light-weight (1070g) climbing racing wheel featuring a revamped, deeper section rim, the world's deepest conventional, non-disc TT and tri wheel (108mm) named simply the '1080' and the Sub9 bulge disc—a flat disc with a lenticular bulge for the last few inches of rim depth—that recorded the first ever true negative drag in the wind tunnel. At a 15 degree yaw angle, when normalized to 25 mph, the Sub9 with Zipp's Tangente tire showed a reduction in drag equivalent to 11W of forward thrust; roughly equivalent to a mile an hour advantage. Within their Flash-Point brand, Zipp introduced a new deep section 82mm rim, the FP80, and added 650c wheels to the popular FP60 line, changed the decals, spokes and hubs.

For 2009, Zipp introduced a new 88/188 hub series with adjustable pre-load, seals, wider axle and higher flanges, redesigned the 404 and 808 all carbon rims giving them torodial braking surfaces. The web site and Internet store were completely redesigned to match the brand.

Zipp’s 2010 product line featured two new wheel models. The Super-9 is a flat-sided, 27.5mm disc that Zipp claims matches the Sub-9’s ability to generate forward lift, but avoids the interference issues that have occurred with the Sub-9’s bulged section on bikes with very narrow chainstays. The new 101 wheelset featured the first aluminum clincher rim with a fully toroidal profile and reaches a lower price point than Zipp’s carbon wheels. Other new products for 2010 included cork composite CNC brake pads and a redesign of the 303 wheelset that has improved strength, durability, and aerodynamics.

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