Zhou Tong

Zhou Tong may refer to:

  • Zhou Tong (archer) (died 1121), the second military arts tutor of Song Dynasty General Yue Fei
  • Zhou Tong (Water Margin), a fictional character from the Water Margin novel
  • Zhou Tong (footballer) (born 1990), Chinese footballer

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Media About Zhou Tong - Storytelling - How Wu Song Becomes Zhou's Student
... following tale alternatively known as "Meeting Zhou Tong By Chance" and "Swordplay under the Moon" belongs to the "Wang School of Shui Hu" Yangzhou storytelling ... It explains how he came to learn swordplay from Zhou Tong Wu continued on his way when he came to a large Chinese style bridge ... This old man was Zhou Tong and he was in a hurry ...
Martial Arts Of Zhou Tong - Civilian - Hard Qigong
... Zhou Tong is said to be linked to a series of these exercises according to thirteenth generation lineage Tai He ("Great Harmony") Wudangquan Master Fan Keping (Chinese 范克平), a ... Zhou Tong supposedly learned these skills from an “unknown master” and passed it along ... - “Great Song Circle Internal Sequence First Zhou Tong True Line Tiger Shouting Golden Bell Exercise Build Secret Technique”) ...
Media About Yue Fei - Literature
... Tiebi Jindao Zhou Tong Zhuan (鐵臂金刀周侗傳 Iron Arm, Golden Broadsword The Biography of Zhou Tong) - Yue Fei appears as Zhou Tong's student in the last few chapters of Zhou's fictional biography ... Zhou Tong Chuanqi (周侗傳奇 The Legend of Zhou Tong) - This lianhuanhua-style comic book is based on Zhou Tong's biography and has the same material about Yue Fei ...
Zhou Tong (Water Margin)
... Zhou Tong is a fictional character in the Water Margin, one of the Four Great Classical Novels of Chinese literature ... He is often confused with the similarly named Zhou Tong, the archery teacher of Yue Fei ...