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Devil's Due

Zap is one of the many Joes assigned to assault Cobra Island during the second of their civil wars.

It is later revealed that Zap has been promoted to the head of the New York G.I. Joe branch. Moments later, a building nearby containing Duke and Lady-Jaye explodes. Zap leads the Joe-intensive rescue effort and personally uncovers his dazed but alive teammates.

Zap also appears in the Devil's Due series 'G.I. Joe Declassified', which takes place early in the Joe continuity. He, Stalker, Grunt and Rock'N'Roll are the focus of much Joe attention as they become lost far behind enemy lines, with no backup and ultimately, a badly wounded prisoner.

During the World War 3 storyline Zap is listed in issue #28 as being deployed to Spain. A brief one panel appearance in #32 shows Zap fighting Cobra in Madrid, Spain.

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