Zanclognatha is a genus of moths of the family Noctuidae.

Zanclognatha was treated as a synonym of Polypogon by Poole (1989). It was split from Polypogon in 1991 and reinstated as a valid genus in 1996. A 1998 European checklist has both Zanclognatha and Polypogon as valid genera, and Lafontaine & Troubridge (2005) recommend retaining Zanclognatha as a separate genus.

It is not clear how many valid species are part of the genus; some species are likely made up of at least two valid species-level taxa that have yet to be officially split, and there are some familiar taxa that have not yet been described to science. Adult Zanclognatha species are often difficult to tell apart; wing patterns and genital morphology, two characters often used to distinguish moth species, are not necessarily useful for classifying them. The larvae are more distinctive and may be more helpful in future studies of the genus.

Species include:

  • Zanclognatha angulina
  • Zanclognatha atrilineella
  • Zanclognatha cruralis - Early Zanclognatha
  • Zanclognatha dentata - Coastal Plain Zanclognatha
  • Zanclognatha helva
  • Zanclognatha inspidalis
  • Zanclognatha jacchusalis - Wavy-lined Zanclognatha
  • Zanclognatha laevigata - Variable Zanclognatha
  • Zanclognatha lituralis - Lettered Zanclognatha
  • Zanclognatha marcidilinea - Yellowish Zanclognatha
  • Zanclognatha martha - Pine Barrens Zanclognatha, Martha's Zanclognatha
  • Zanclognatha minoralis
  • Zanclognatha nakatomii
  • Zanclognatha nigrisigna
  • Zanclognatha obscuripennis - Dark Zanclognatha
  • Zanclognatha pedipilalis - Grayish Zanclognatha
  • Zanclognatha protumnusalis - Conifer Zanclognatha
  • Zanclognatha reticulatis
  • Zanclognatha subtriplex
  • Zanclognatha tarsipennalis - Fan-foot
  • Zanclognatha theralis (syn. Z. deceptricalis, Z. gypsalis, Z. inconspicualis )
  • Zanclognatha yaeyamalis

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