Zan may refer to:

  • Zan language, a proposed collective term for the Megrelian and Laz languages
  • Zan, Lorestan, a village in Iran
  • Zan, Tehran, a village in Iran
  • Zan (簪), the Chinese name for hairpins, called Kanzashi in Japan
  • Zan, the main character in the video game Rising Zan: The Samurai Gunman
  • Zan (Chad), a town in Chad
  • Zan (newspaper), an Iranian newspaper
  • Zan, the male Wonder Twin
  • Zan, the eagle in Guardians of Ga'Hoole
  • "-Zan-", a song by Japanese rock band Dir En Grey
  • Gökhan Zan, Turkish footballer

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List Of Monarchs Of Ryukyu Islands - Tenson Dynasty
... According to "Mirror of Chūzan" (中山世鑑, chūzan seikan), the founder of the Tenson Dynasty was a son of Amamikyo(アマミキヨ, the god of heaven and earth in Ryukyuan legend) ... Though "Mirror of Chūzan" said Tenson Dynasty had 25 early kings, names of the kings are still unknown ...
Rising Zan: The Samurai Gunman
... Rising Zan The Samurai Gunman (ライジング ザン ザ・サムライガンマン, Raijingu Zan Za Samurai Ganman?) is an action-adventure game developed by UEP Systems and published ... its mix of both eastern and western idiosyncrasy, most notably in the protagonist Zan (voiced by Greg Weber), who has traits of both a Japanese samurai and a Wild ...
... Chūzan (中山) was one of three kingdoms which controlled Okinawa in the 14th century ... end roughly one hundred years later, when Chūzan's King Shō Hashi conquered Hokuzan in 1419 and Nanzan in 1429 ... was called the Ryūkyū Kingdom, but would continue to be referred to as "Chūzan" in various official documents of the Ryukyuan royal government, and those of many other states ...
Samurai Warriors 3 - Music
... will be performing two theme songs for the game, "Zan" and "Setsugekka" ... The song "Zan" is used in the promotional commercials for the game, and is also be featured in the game's ending ... The single, titled "Setsugekka (The End of Silence)/Zan", which contains both songs, was released on December 9, 2009 ...