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Nishi-Funabashi Station - Station Layout
... island platforms serving eleven tracks on two levels (another two tracks are used by Sōbu Line Rapid trains which do not stop) ... The high-level station serves the Keiyō and Musashino Lines ... The low level is served by the Sōbu, Tōzai and Tōyō Rapid Lines ...
Tokyo Metro 5000 Series - Other Operators
... Ten former Tōzai Line sets were converted in 1995 to Tōyō Rapid 1000 series EMUs for use on the Tōyō Rapid Railway extension of the Tōzai Line ... Three former Tōzai Line 10-car sets (5059, 5066, 5067) were sold to Indonesia in 2007, entering service with KRL Jabotabek in the Jakarta area from May 2007 ...
Chūō Line (Rapid) - Stations and Services - Tokyo - Mitaka
... See also Chūō Rapid Line and Chūō-Sōbu Line The section between Tokyo and Mitaka is grade-separated, with no level crossings ... Between Ochanomizu and Mitaka, the Chūō Main Line has four tracks two of them are local tracks (緩行線, kankō-sen?) with platforms in every station and the other two are rapid ... The local tracks are used by the main line local trains (operated only in early morning and late night) and the Chūō-Sōbu Line local trains, while ...
zai Line (Sendai)
... The Sendai Subway Tōzai Line (仙台市営地下鉄東西線, Sendai Shiei Chikatetsu Tōzai-sen?) is a line of the Sendai Subway system operated by the Sendai City Transportation Bureau in the city of ... The Tōzai Line will use linear motor propulsion ...
Takadanobaba Station - Station Layout - Platforms - Tōzai Line
... 1 ○Tōzai Line for Ōtemachi, Urayasu, Nishi-Funabashi, and Toyo Rapid Line Toyo-Katsutadai 2 ○Tōzai Line for Nakano, and Chūō Line Mitaka ...

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