Yuen Kay San

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Yuan Kay-shan - Students - Yip Man
... Yuen Chong Ming was a neighbor, a friend and a fellow merchant with Yip Man's father and had the Yip family live in the Yuen Mansion ... During this time, Yuen Chong Ming had asked his youngest son Yuen Kay San to teach the younger Yip Man some Chi Sao (Sticky hands) exercise as Yip ... However with persistence of his father, Yuen Kay San taught him Chi Sao ...
Yuan Kay-shan - Three Heroes of Wing Chun
... the old days of Foshan, his grandfather Yao Choy, Yip Man and Yuen Kay San were called the "Three Heroes of Wing Chun" and often mentioned together ... Yuen Kay San's disciple Leung Jan Sing also provided an ancestral document indicating that Yuen Kay San studied with Fung Siu Ching, while Yip Man and others studied under Yuen ... Although Yip Man is not necessarily Yuen’s official student, in the order of seniority on the family tree, Yuen Kay San ranked at the first level, with Yip ...

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