Yuan Can

Yuan Can (袁粲) (420–477), né Yuan Minsun (袁愍孫), courtesy name Jingqian (景倩), was a high level official of the Chinese dynasty Liu Song, who near the end of the dynasty made a futile attempt to prevent the general Xiao Daocheng from gaining sufficient power to take the throne.

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Commentaries About Yuan Can
... Yuan was largely praised in history for his faithfulness—that even the son of his enemy Xiao Daocheng recognized ... The historian Sima Guang, the author of the Zizhi Tongjian, wrote Yuan was a simple man who lived a plain life, lacking the abilities to lead the government and rule ... further cited the criticism from another historian, Pei Ziye (裴子野), who wrote Yuan was one of the most admired men in the state ...