Yohannes IV

Yohannes IV (Ge'ez ዮሐንስ ፬ኛ Yōḥānnis ዮሓንስ, Amharic Yōhānnis, also known by the English equivalent "John", 11 July 1837 – 10 March 1889), born Lij Kassay Mercha Ge'ez, was Emperor of Ethiopia from 1872 until his death.

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Yohannes IV - Full Title
... His full title was "His Imperial Majesty John IV, Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah, King of Zion, King of Kings of Ethiopia and Elect of God" or in Ethiopian "Ge'ez girmāwī, m ...
Mangasha Seyum - Biography
... the son of Ras Seyum Mangasha, the grandson of Ras Mangasha Yohannes, and the great grandson of Emperor Johannes IV ... Yohannes IV was the only Emperor of the Tigrayan cadet branch of the Solomonic dynasty (being descended in female lines from Emperors Yohannes I and Eyasu I) ... Emperor Menelik II of Shoa came to power after the Battle of Metemma when Yohannes IV was killed and the male line of the Solomonic Dynasty was re-established on the Imperial throne ...
Sebhat Aregawi
... by Emperor Tewodros II in 1859, and his province was expanded by Emperor Yohannes IV to include Adigrat ... At the time he challenged Ras Mangesha Yohannes, who had succeeded his slain father Yohannes IV and was asserting his supremacy in Tigray, Sebhat was ... he preferred Menilek's rule to Mangesha Yohannes ...