Yield Strength

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Grain Boundary Strengthening - Hall–Petch Relationship - Reverse or Inverse Hall–Petch Relation
... predicts that as the grain size decreases the yield strength increases ... be decreased even further to the nanometer length scale the yield strength would increase as well ... the critical grain size which is typically less than 100 nm (3.9×10−6 in), the yield strength would either remain constant or decrease with decreasing grains size ...
Electrorheological Fluid - ER Fluid Composition and Theory
... The giant electrorheological (GER) fluid was discovered in 2003, and is able to sustain higher yield strengths than many other ER fluids ... The high yield strength is due to the high dielectric constant of the particles, the small size of the particles and the Urea coating ... advantage of the GER is that the relationship between the electrical field strength and the yield strength is linear after the electric field reaches 1 kV/mm ...
Von Mises Yield Criterion - Reduced Von Mises Equation For Different Stress Conditions
... von Mises criterion simply reduces to , which means the material starts to yield when reaches the yield strength of the material, and is agreement with the definition of tensile (or compressive) yield strength ... yielding occurs when the equivalent stress, reaches the yield strength of the material in simple tension ... Therefore, it is difficult to tell which of the two specimens is closer to the yield point or has even reached it ...
The Peierls Stress and Yield Strength Temperature Sensitivity
... relates to the temperature sensitivity of the yield strength of a material because it too depends on both short range atomic order and atomic bond strength ... of atoms increases and thus both peierls stress and yield strength decrease as a result of weaker atomic bond strength at high temperatures ...
Ceramic Engineering - Strength of Ceramics
... A material's strength is dependent on its microstructure ... The variety of strengthening mechanisms that alter the strength of a material include the mechanism of grain boundary strengthening ... Thus, although yield strength is maximized with decreasing grain size, ultimately, very small grain sizes make the material brittle ...

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