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Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep - Plot - Story
... Master Eraqus learns from Yen Sid that the Princesses of Heart are in danger from the Unversed, and orders Terra and Aqua to destroy the Unversed and find Xehanort ... Ventus is similarly instructed to do the same by Vanitas, as is Aqua by Yen Sid after he informs her of Eraqus' fate ... is forced to fuse with Vanitas to create the χ-blade and battles Aqua alongside Mickey, Yen Sid's apprentice, while he engages Vanitas in a metaphysical battle within his mind ...
Characters Of Kingdom Hearts - Other Characters - Yen Sid
... Yen Sid Series Kingdom Hearts First game Kingdom Hearts II (2005) Designed by Tetsuya Nomura Voiced by (English) Corey Burton Voiced by (Japanese) Takashi Inagaki Fictional profile Home ... In Recoded, Yen Sid reveals to Mickey that the destruction of "Ansem" and Xemnas will eventually lead to the reconstruction of Master Xehanort and intends to put Sora and ... versions of himself as part of his plan to create the χ-blade in Dream Drop Distance, Yen Sid decides they need 7 protectors to keep the Princesses of Heart safe from ...
Kingdom Hearts Coded - Plot - Story
... In a secret ending exclusive to Recoded, Mickey and Yen Sid discuss the location of Terra, Aqua, and Ventus ... During their conversation, however, Yen Sid reveals that the destruction of Xehanort's Heartless and Nobody has brought about the eventual return of Master Xehanort ... To prepare for this new threat, Yen Sid orders Mickey to bring Sora and Riku to him, intending to examine them for the Mark of Mastery ...

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