• (noun): A yearning for something or to do something.
    Synonyms: hankering
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List Of Charmed Characters - Alphabetical Character Biographical Listings - Yen-Lo, The Zen Disciple
... Yen-Lo is a disciple of the zen master whom Piper witnesses (in "Enter the Demon") attacking his elderly chinese mentor from behind with a sword after emerging from a puddle serving as a ... While wounded mortally, Yen-Lo won't bleed-out for a very long time in the limbo plane because time moves very slowly, so was a handful to defeat (Primarily by Phoebe's martial arts, and Paige's faltering ... Yen-Lo was the first foe Paige had to help counter growing into her new life as a witch and Charmed One ...
Martin Schøyen
... Martin Schøyen (born January 31, 1940) is a Norwegian businessman, traveller, historian, paleographer and collector of books ... Currently his private collection, the Schøyen Collection, contains above 000 ... manuscript items, the oldest book is about 5000 years old ...
Skøyen (station)
... Skøyen is a light rail station on the Oslo Tramway ... Located at Skøyen, it was opened by Kristiania Elektriske Sporvei as an extension of the Skøyen Line on 21 June 1903 ... About 100 metres (300 ft) away is Skøyen Station on the Drammen Line, that is served by Norges Statsbaner and the Airport Express Train ...
Lilleaker (station)
... opened in 1919 by Kristiania Elektriske Sporvei as an extension of the Skøyen Line (Øraker was the original name) ... During the high-frequency (10 minute) schedule, Skøyen–Lilleaker was served by a shuttle with a transfer at Skøyen ...
List Of Ocean's Trilogy Characters - The Eleven - The Amazing Yen
... The Chinese acrobat Yen is the second of two newbies in the group, called a “grease man” by Danny and Rusty, brought in for his flexibility and short posture ... Once inside, Yen places the explosives from Zerga’s briefcase on the vault door, waiting for Danny and Linus to trigger it from the outside ... Yen, played by real life acrobat Qin Shaobo, only generally speaks in Mandarin, which almost everyone in the gang can understand, and can understand English ...

More definitions of "yen":

  • (verb): Have a desire for something or someone who is not present.
    Synonyms: ache, yearn, pine, languish
  • (noun): The basic unit of money in Japan; equal to 100 sen.

Famous quotes containing the word yen:

    Your yen two wol slee me sodenly,
    I may the beaute of hem not sustene,
    So woundeth hit through-out my herte kene.
    Geoffrey Chaucer (1340?–1400)

    God bless the physician who warms the speculum or holds your hand and looks into your eyes. Perhaps one subtext of the health care debate is a yen to be treated like a whole person, not just an eye, an ear, a nose or a throat. A yen to be human again, on the part of patient and doctor alike.
    Anna Quindlen (b. 1952)

    Diamond, the only trouble with you is you’d like to be me. You’d like to have my organization, my influence, my fix. You can’t; that’s impossible. You think it’s money; it’s not. It’s personality. You haven’t got it, Lieutenant. You’re a cop. Slow. Steady. Intelligent. With a bad temper, and a gun under your arm. And with a big yen for a girl he can’t have. First is first, and second is nobody.
    Philip Yordan (b. 1913)