Yellowstone River

The Yellowstone River (Assiniboine: ȟeȟága wakpá, įǧų́ǧa wakpá, į́yąǧi wákpa ) is a tributary of the Missouri River, approximately 692 miles (1,114 km) long, in the western United States. Considered the principal tributary of the upper Missouri, the river and its tributaries drain a wide area stretching from the Rocky Mountains in the vicinity of the Yellowstone National Park across the mountains and high plains of southern Montana and northern Wyoming.

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Battle Of Canyon Creek - The Battle
... The Yellowstone River, above and below the mouth of Clark’s Fork, is bounded on the north bank by cliffs about 400 feet (120 mts) high ... upstream through open country, about five miles from the Yellowstone the cliffs close in on either side and the creek splits into three forks, each running through a ... September 13, many of the warriors were raiding ranches for supplies and horses up and down the Yellowstone River when they suddenly became aware that Sturgis was nearby ...
Battle Of Honsinger Bluff - Geography
... miles (11 km) west of the confluence of the Tongue River and Yellowstone River near Miles City, Montana ... The battlefield, on a floodplain of the Yellowstone River, is dominated by a massive gravelly hill to the northeast, often referenced as the "Big Hill" in historical accounts of the battle, but referenced locally ... To the east and south lies the Yellowstone River ...
Exxon Mobil - Environmental Record - Yellowstone River Oil Spill
... The July 2011 Yellowstone River oil spill was an oil spill from an ExxonMobil pipeline running from Silver Tip to Billings, Montana, which ruptured about 10 miles west of Billings on July 1 ... The governor pledged that "The parties responsible will restore the Yellowstone River." ...
Battle Of Cedar Creek (1876)
... Dry Creek) The Battle of Cedar Creek (also called Big Dry Creek or Big Dry River) occurred on October 21, 1876, in the Montana Territory between the United States Army and a ... Miles led the 5th Infantry in the summer of 1876 from Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, up the Missouri river via a paddlewheel boat from Yankton (South Dakota) to the ... in autumn and marched with him up the Rosebud river to join with General Crook ...
Yellowstone River - Advocates
... Yellowstone River Conservation District Council - The council’s purpose is to provide local leadership, assistance, and guidance for the wise use and conservation of the Yellowstone River’s natural resources ... Montana River Action — The clean flowing waters of Montana belong to the people and are held in trust by the State for a pollution-free healthful environment guaranteed by our Montana Constitution ... Montana River Action's mission is to protect and restore rivers, streams and other water bodies ...

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