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Environmental Awareness CDs As Open Access

On the occasion of the World Environment Day on 5 This project of the university, designed to carry education to remote rural and tribal areas, involves the use of mobile learning vans. The mobile van is a road transport vehicle equipped with computing and communications equipment. It has a seating capacity of 12 learners and has six computers installed i.e. two students per computer. Using multimedia projection system, a larger group of about 50 students can be given education. An on-board generator provides a power supply.

The mobile van has the capability to provide education through the virtual mode. The virtual mode of education requires a hub (transmitting station) and a set of mobile vans (receiving stations). The hub is located at the University HQ from where educational content can be delivered. The mobile vans receive the educational content and view it on the computer screen of the computers fitted in the mobile van.

The first batch of students was provided with computer training using the mobile van in a tribal area called Nanashi. Nanashi is a small village with a population of around 2500. It is 90 KM away from Nashik city. 56 students were registered for the first batch. The second batch running over the next three months was also implemented at this village. After the successful completion of the second batch, the mobile learning centre moved to Harsul, another tribal area. Harsul is also a small village having a population of 3500. Two batches of computer literacy programmes were successfully implemented at Harsul.

The fifth batch of computer training was implemented at another tribal area in Peth. The sixth and seventh batches were conducted in rural areas in Trimbakeshwar. Presently the eighth batch is undergoing training in a tribal area in Borgaon, a small village in Surgana Tehsil. As the project proceeds further, more and more village and tribal communities will get access to higher education.

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