Yamin can refer to:

  • Yamin Yisrael, a political party in Israel
  • Mount Yamin, a mountain in Indonesia
  • Yemin Moshe

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Muhammad Yamin - Political Life
... Yamin was active in the Jong Sumatranen Bond in one of whose forums he befriended Mohammad Hatta, who became Indonesia's first Vice President ... In his early political activities, Yamin advocated the non-cooperative stance of the Indonesian Party (Partai Indonesia, PARTINDO) against the Dutch colonial ... Yamin was elected to the People's Council Volksraad in 1939, an advisory body created in 1917 by the Dutch in the Netherlands East Indies ...
Movin' On (Elliott Yamin Song)
... "Movin' On" is a song by American singer Elliott Yamin from his self-titled debut album ... This is Yamin's first appearance on the chart ...
Muhammad Yamin Khan
... Muhammad Yamin Khan was a bar-at-law, statesman and politician in the period before the partition of India ... Muhammad Yamin Khan was a close confidant of Quaid-e-Azam ... Yamin Khan was prominent in raising the Indianisation debate in the Central Legislatures in which he demanded the admission of increasing numbers of Indians to the officer ...
Yamin - Family Name
... Elliott Yamin, Jewish American singer of Iraqi origin Elliott Yamin (album) Muhammad Yamin, an Indonesian poet, playwright and politician ...
Neve Yamin
... Neve Yamin (Hebrew נְוֵה יָמִין) is a moshav in central Israel ... Neve Yamin was built on the land of the Palestinian village of Kafr Saba, which was depopulated in May 1948 ...