Yakutat Bay

Yakutat Bay is a 29-km-wide (18 mi) bay in the U.S. state of Alaska, extending southwest from Disenchantment Bay to the Gulf of Alaska. "Yakutat" is a Tlingit name reported as "Jacootat" and "Yacootat" by Yuri Lisianski in 1805.

Yakutat Bay was the epicenter of two major earthquakes on September 10, 1899, a magnitude 7.4 foreshock and a magnitude 8.0 main shock, 37 minutes apart.

The Shelikhov-Golikov company, precursor of the Russian-American Company, built a fort on Yakutat Bay in 1795. It was known as New Russia, Yakutat Colony, or Slavorossiya.

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History Of The West Coast Of North America - Settlements and Conflicts (1750–1846) - Spanish Exploration
... Fidalgo then went to the Russian settlement at Alexandrovsk (today's English Bay or Nanwalek, Alaska), southwest of today's Anchorage on the Kenai ... undertook a search for the Northwest Passage, surveying the Alaska coast from Yakutat Bay to Prince William Sound ... At Yakutat Bay, the expedition made contact with the Tlingit ...
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... Yakutat Bay has had various names ... It has been called "Bering Bay", on the assumption that Vitus Bering visited it in 1741 ... Captain Nathaniel Portlock named it "Admiralty Bay" the Spanish called it "Almirantazgo." It was also called Port Mulgrave when Alessandro Malaspina ...
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... Instead, he sailed from Acapulco directly to Yakutat Bay, Alaska (then known as Port Mulgrave), where the rumored passage was said to exist ... At Yakutat Bay, the expedition made contact with the Tlingit ... A glacier between Yakutat Bay and Icy Bay was subsequently named Malaspina Glacier ...

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