XXX Corps

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30 Corps, 30th Corps, Thirtieth Corps, or XXX Corps may refer to:

  • XXX Corps (United Kingdom)
  • XXX Corps (Pakistan)

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Second Battle Of El Alamein Order Of Battle - British 8th Army - British XXX Corps
... Under the command of Lieutenant General Oliver Leese XXX Corps Defence Squadron C Regiment, 4/6 South African Armoured Car Squadron 7 Medium Regiment RA 64 Medium Regiment RA 69 Medium Regiments RA 66 ...
Battle Of The Bulge Order Of Battle - Allied Forces - 21st Army Group - XXX Corps
... Armoured Reconnaissance Regiment, Royal Armoured Corps 249th Airborne Field Company Royal Engineers 3rd, 591st Parachute Squadrons Royal Engineers 3rd, 9th Airborne Squadrons Royal. 83rd, and 133rd Field Regiments, Royal Artillery 53rd Recce Regiment, Royal Armoured Corps 71st Antitank Regiment, Royal Artillery 25th Light AA Regiment, Royal Artillery 244th, 282nd ... Scott 144th Regiment, Royal Armoured Corps 1st Northamptonshire Yeomanry 1st East Riding Yeomanry 34th Army Tank Brigade Brig ...
Operation Market Garden - Aftermath - Debate On Allied Strategy and Tactics - Unseized Tactical Initiative
... At a minimum, had XXX Corps pushed north, they might have arrived at the south end and secured it (had the Guards Armoured sent more than five Shermans across the bridge and had they not been later ... As it was, XXX Corps did not resume the drive to Arnhem that night, but eighteen hours later ... The commander of XXX Corps advocated another course of action ...
Battle Of Arnhem
... Initially expecting a walkover, British XXX Corps planned to reach the British airborne forces within two to three days ... Meanwhile, XXX Corps was unable to advance north as quickly as anticipated and failed to relieve the airborne troops according to schedule ... they could not be sufficiently reinforced by the Poles or XXX Corps when they arrived on the southern bank, nor by the RAF's resupply flights ...

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