XW, X.W., or Xw can refer to:

  • XW GS, a model of Ford vehicle
  • XW Falcon, a model of Ford vehicle
  • XW, a model of PSA X engine
  • XW-35, a thermonuclear warhead for the first generation of ICBMs
  • X-wing, a type of space vehicle in the Star Wars universe
  • Xw, a digraph used in the Tlingit language to represent /xʷ/: see List of Latin digraphs
  • ⟨x̱w⟩, a digraph used in Alaskan Tlingit to represent /χʷ/: see List of Latin digraphs

Other articles related to "xw":

W54 - Development - Preproduction Testing
... These were followed by tests of the XW-51 design which evolved into the XW-54 in the Operation Hardtack I test series in 1958 (Hardtack Quince and Hardtack ... A number of XW-51/XW-54 tests followed in the 1958 Operation Hardtack II test series, including Hardtack II Otero, Bernalillo, Luna, Mora, Colfax, Lea, Hamilton, Dona Ana, San Juan ... By this time, the XW-51 / XW-54 design had been test fired more times than any preceding US nuclear weapon prior to its successful introduction in service, indicating the difficulty of ...
W31 - Uses - Nike Hercules Missile
... A similar variant, the XW-37, was a high yield version of the XW-31 ... Three months later, the XW-31 was redesignated XW-31Y1 (for yield 1) and the XW-37 designation was changed to XW-31Y2 (for yield 2) ...
Prium - Second Generation (XW20; 2003–2009)
... The Prius uses an all-electric A/C compressor for cooling, an industry first ... Combined with a smaller and lighter NiMH battery, the XW20 is more powerful and more efficient than the XW10 ...
PSA X Engine - XW
... The XW had a displacement of 1,124 cc, with a bore of 72 mm (2.8 in) and a stroke of 69 mm (2.7 in) ... A double-barrel carburettor version (XW 3S) raised power to 66 PS (48.5 kW) ... The XW was applied to the Citroën LN, Citroën Visa, Citroën BX, Peugeot 104, Peugeot 205 and Talbot Samba ...