XR or Xr may refer to:

  • XL and XR, characters on Buzz Lightyear of Star Command
  • XR (Ford Australia), a designation given to some high-performance vehicles sold by Ford Australia
  • Cairo (graphics), the original name for a graphics library software
  • Cross-reference
  • Exchange rate
  • Extended release in certain medications, for example Adderall XR
  • Extrapolated Runs, a baseball statistic
  • Honda XR series, a line of off-road and dual-sport motorcycles manufactured by Honda
  • IOS XR, the software for Cisco Systems' high-end carrier-grade routers
  • Index register, a type of register of a CPU
  • Skywest Airlines's IATA airline code
  • labarum, the Chi-Rho monogram of Christ

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... Between 2002 and 2004, Synthes had tested a product called Norian XR, a cement that has a unique capacity to turn into bone when injected into the human skeleton ... an FDA inspection and 44 counts of shipping adulterated and misbranded Norian XR in interstate commerce with intent to defraud ... counts of shipping adulterated and misbranded Norian XR in interstate commerce, and the four executives, Michael D ...
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... The Platt-LePage XR-1, also known by the company designation PL-3, was an early American twin-rotor helicopter, built by the Platt-LePage Aircraft Company of Eddystone, Pennsylvania ... United States Army Air Corps design competition held in early 1940, the XR-1 was the first helicopter tested by the USAAF, flying in 1941 ... The flight testing of the XR-1 proved troublesome, and although continued testing showed that the design had promise, other, improved helicopters were becoming available before ...
Platt-Le Page XR-1 - Design and Development
... to Sikorsky receiving Dorsey-Logan Act funding for development of its design, which became the XR-4 ... In its design, the XR-1 bore a strong resemblance to the Focke-Wulf Fw 61, a helicopter developed by Henrich Focke in Germany that, flown by Hanna Reitsch, had impressed Platt-LePage co-founder Wynn LePage during a ... The XR-1 was powered by a Pratt Whitney R-985 radial engine, mounted in a buried installation within the fuselage ...