Xiang Ying

Xiang Ying (Chinese: 项英, Pinyin: Xiàng Yīng) (1895(?)-1941) was a war-time Chinese communist leader reaching the rank of political chief of staff of the New Fourth Army during World War II until his assassination by a member of his staff in 1941.

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Xiang Ying - Biography
... October 1934, at the beginning of the Long March, Xiang stayed behind to fight a rearguard action that would allow the marchers to get out of the ring of surrounding Nationalist forces ... The marchers, with Mao Zedong as their leader, went on to Yan'an, while Xiang remained in the Jiangxi region, coordinating guerrilla operations to harass Nationalist forces ... declared between Nationalists and Communists, and Xiang's guerrillas became the nucleus of a legitimate fighting force the New Fourth Army ...
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... The man turned out to be a friend whom she taught she had killed a long time ago 09 "Xiang Ying ~Her Lost Name~" "Shan-In~ushinawareta namae~" (香瑩〜失われた名前〜) 2005-11 ... and tells him Glass Heart's real name is Xiang Ying ... Ryo gets Xiang Ying to show Master Li around Shinjuku, without revealing to her that Li is her father ...
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... Wang Ming’s protégé Xiang Ying had reached the Jiangxi Soviet after the third planetary session of the sixth national conference of the Communist Party of China, and on January 15, 1931, the communist ... Xiang Ying became the head of both organizations, as party secretary of the bureau and chairman of the commission ... Xiang Ying’s power was further strengthened in April, 1931, when Wang Ming’s delegation reached the Jiangxi Soviet to assist him to lead ...