Xia may refer to:

  • XIA (Junsu), a Korean pop artist also known as Xiah and Junsu
  • Xia (philosophy), a Chinese philosophy similar (but not identical) to the chivalrous code of European knights
  • Xia Dynasty, Chinese dynasty, ca. 2070 BC–1600 BC
  • Huaxia, the majority ethnic group later known as the Han Chinese after the Han Dynasty
  • Xia (Sixteen Kingdoms) (407–431), state of the Xiongnu Tiefu during the era of Sixteen Kingdoms in China
  • Prince of Xia, Dou Jiande (573-621), Chinese warlord during the turbulent transition from the Sui Dynasty to the Tang Dynasty
  • Western Xia, 1038–1227, state in ancient China of the Tanguts
  • Xia, a Chinese surname, from Xia Dynasty, Chen (state), Dòngzú, Tujia, Xibe, etc.
  • Xiafs, a file system developed for the Linux operating system together with the Ext2 file system
  • Xia County, Shanxi, in China
  • Xia class submarine, a Chinese ballistic missile submarine.
  • XIA, the ICAO Code for Irving Oil, Canada
  • Xia, a place in the fictional Bionicle universe

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Shūdō Higashinakano
... In 2006 Xia Shuqin (夏淑琴), a Chinese woman whose testimony he sought to discredit in his book, took Higashinakano to court in China, winning 1.6 ... ordered Higashinakano to pay JPY 4 million in damages to Xia Shuqin, asserting that he had libelously defamed her ... Xia and the girl in the film were different persons, contrary to what he had claimed in his book ...