X Vietnam (album) - Track Listing

Track Listing

  1. "Por Vietnam"/Along Vietnam (Jaime Gómez Rogers - Eduardo Carrasco)
  2. "Que la tortilla se vuelva"/May the tables turn (Chicho Sánchez Ferlosio - From the Spanish Revolution)
  3. "Canción fúnebre para el Che Guevara"/Mournful song for Che Guevara (Juan Capra)
  4. "Mamma mia dame cento lire"/Mother dear give me 100 liras (Italian Folk - Italian partisans Hymn)
  5. "La zamba del riego"/Zamba song for the watering (Armando Tejada Gómez - Óscar Matus)
  6. "Himno de las juventudes mundiales"/Hymn of World Youth (Anónimo)
  7. "El turururururú" (2ª versión) (from the Spanish Revolution)
  8. "Qué dirá el Santo Padre"/What does the Holy Father have to say (Violeta Parra)
  9. "Canto a la pampa"/Song for the Pampas (Fernando Pezoa Véliz - Popular)
  10. "La bola"/The ball" (Carlos Puebla - Cuban folk)
  11. "Los pueblos americanos"/The common people of America (Violeta Parra)
  12. "Cueca de Joaquín Murieta"/Cueca dance for Joaquín Murieta (Pablo Neruda - Sergio Ortega)

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