WVHA may refer to:

  • SS-WVHA, or SS-Wirtschafts-Verwaltungshauptamt, the Economic and Administrative Main Office of the Nazi SS
  • West Virginia Hospital Association
  • West Volusia Hospital Authority
  • Windows Vista Hardware Assessment
  • Winnipeg Video Hockey Association

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August Frank
... generally known by its initials WVHA ... The WVHA was, among other things, responsible for the administration of the Nazi concentration camps ... After the war, the higher WVHA officials, including Frank, were placed on trial for, and convicted of, war crimes and crimes against humanity ...
Pohl Trial - Defendants
... of Nov 3, 1947 Sentence of Aug 11, 1951 ... Amnesty Oswald Pohl head of the WVHA, Lt ... confirmed executed June 7, 1951 August Frank deputy chief of the WVHA, Lt ... imprisonment confirmed commuted to 15 years Georg Lörner deputy chief of the WVHA, Maj ...
August Frank - Concentration Camp Administrator
... When the WVHA was organized in 1942, he became Pohl's deputy chief of WVHA and chief of Department (Amtsgruppe) A, the administrative division of WVHA ... Amtsgruppe A was the administrative branch of WVHA ...
SS-Wirtschafts-Verwaltungshauptamt - Amtsgruppe W
... In 1942, the WVHA's main remit was to expand the SS's contribution to the war effort by using forced labor in armaments manufacture and construction projects ... grew the Amt W, the largest and most valuable division in WVHA ... The concentration camps gave the WVHA an unlimited labor resource ...