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  • The Legend of Sword and Fairy (仙劍奇俠傳), an RPG with elements of Chinese mythology and fantasy. It expanded into a franchise of eight video games, two of which were adapted into television series (Chinese Paladin and Chinese Paladin 3).
  • Sword of Xuan Yuan (軒轅劍), an RPG with elements of Chinese mythology and fantasy.
  • Martial Kingdoms (天下霸圖), a strategy game developed by T-Time. It is followed by Martial Kingdoms II.
  • Heroes of Jin Yong (金庸群俠傳), an RPG based on the works of Jin Yong.
  • Dragon Oath (天龍八部), an MMORPG based on Jin Yong's Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils.
  • Heroes of Kung Fu (武林群雄), an MMORPG.
  • Age of Wulin, a free-to-play MMORPG set in ancient China based on the lore surrounding martial arts and the brave adventurers who practise it.
  • Jade Empire, an action RPG developed by Bioware for the Xbox, taking place within a mythical setting inspired by ancient China.
  • Kingdom of Paradise, an action RPG developed by Climax Entertainment for the PlayStation Portable, utilising Chinese mythology but taking place in a fictional feudal China.
  • Bujingai (武刃街), a hack and slash game developed by Taito Corporation for the PlayStation 2, incorporating elements of wuxia.
  • Heavenly Sword (玄天神劍), a hack and slash game developed by Ninja Theory for the PlayStation 3, taking place in an oriental-inspired world.

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    It is among the ranks of school-age children, those six- to twelve-year-olds who once avidly filled their free moments with childhood play, that the greatest change is evident. In the place of traditional, sometimes ancient childhood games that were still popular a generation ago, in the place of fantasy and make- believe play . . . today’s children have substituted television viewing and, most recently, video games.
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    I recently learned something quite interesting about video games. Many young people have developed incredible hand, eye, and brain coordination in playing these games. The air force believes these kids will be our outstanding pilots should they fly our jets.
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