Wulfgar can refer to:

  • Wulfgar, the herald of HroĆ°gar, a character in Beowulf
  • Wulfgar, the villain in the 1981 Sylvester Stallone film Nighthawks
  • Wulfgar (Forgotten Realms), one of the Companions of the Hall from the Icewind Dale Trilogy
  • Wulfgar of Abingdon, a 10th- & 11th-century abbot of Abington
  • Wulfgar of Lichfield, a mid 10th century Bishop.
  • Wulfgar of Ramsbury, a medieval Bishop

Other articles related to "wulfgar":

Wulfgar Of Lichfield
... Wulfgar (died circa 947) was a medieval Bishop of Lichfield ... Wulfgar was consecrated between 935 and 941 and died between 946 and 949 ...
Wulfgar (Forgotten Realms) - Biography - Early Years
... As a youth, Wulfgar was the flag bearer for Heafstaag, king of the Elk Tribe ... He participated in barbarian invasion of Ten-Towns, where Bruenor Battlehammer, a dwarf, knocked Wulfgar out by sweeping his legs out from under him ... the people of Ten-towns were slitting throats of the barbarians not quite dead, Bruenor spared Wulfgar ...
Inkpen - History of The Village
... This includes the will of a Saxon thegn named Wulfgar, whose name means "wolf-spear" ... Wulfgar owned "land at inche penne" which he "had from Wulfric, who had it from Wulfhere who first owned it", his father and grandfather respectively ... Wulfgar left this to be divided amongst named heirs three quarters to his wife, Aeffe, the other quarter to "the servants of God" at the holy place in Kintbury ...
Wulfgar (Forgotten Realms) - Appearance
... As described in "The Crystal Shard", Wulfgar is roughly 7 ft 0 in (2.13 m), blond-haired and blue-eyed (common for the barbarian tribes he hails from ... Wulfgar is broad-shouldered and thick-chested with a wiry waist, and his arms have been described as thicker than a fat dwarf's thighs ... Wulfgar once lifted a three-hundred-pound man with one arm, and then threw him through the tavern where the bar fight had began ...