WSD may refer to:

  • Weighted standard deviation, in statistics
  • Wanganui School of Design
  • Water Supplies Department
  • Web Services for Devices, a Microsoft standard for connectivity to web-service enabled devices
  • Word sense disambiguation
  • World Sousveillance Day

Other articles related to "wsd":

Writtle College - Writtle School of Design (WSD)
... Writtle College has a design school (WSD), which was voted 4th in the country by the Guardian League Table in 2012 ... WSD specialises in areas such as landscape and garden design, landscape architecture, interior design and architecture and contemporary art and design ... The landscape based courses offered by WSD are accredited by the Landscape Institute ...
World Sousveillance Day
... World Sousveillance Day (WSD) occurs on the busiest shopping day of the year, December 24 ... WSD began in Toronto, Canada in 1998, but has spread to the rest of Canada, as well as other countries, with large groups in Vancouver, New York, Boston, and throughout California, as well as Florida ... Additionally there are WSD groups in Scotland, as well as throughout Japan ...
Disambiguator - Evaluation
... Comparing and evaluating different WSD systems is extremely dif´Čücult, because of the different test sets, sense inventories, and knowledge resources adopted ... systems, perform a comparative evaluation of WSD systems in several kinds of tasks, including all-words and lexical sample WSD for different languages, and ... In recent years 2007-2012, the WSD evaluation task choices had grown and the criterion for evaluating WSD has changed drastically depending on the variant of the WSD evaluation task ...
Disambiguator - Evaluation - Task Design Choices
... As technology evolves, the Word Sense Disambiguation (WSD) tasks grows in different flavors towards various research directions and for more languages Classic monolingual WSD evaluation tasks uses WordNet ... Classical WSD for other languages uses their respective WordNet as sense inventories and sense annotated corpora tagged in their respective languages ... corpus and aligned bitexts with English as its source language Multilingual WSD evaluation tasks focused on WSD across 2 or more languages simultaneously, using their respective WordNets as its sense ...