Workers' Party - Defunct Workers' Parties

Defunct Workers' Parties

Defunct Workers' parties include:

Country Party Political orientation Reason defunct
Croatia Croatian workers party (1906-1918)
Czech Republic Workers' Party Nationalist Banned in 2010
Finland Workers' Party of Finland Marxist Banned in 1923
Germany German Workers' Party Nationalist Renamed the National Socialist German Workers' Party in 1920
Germany National Socialist German Workers' Party (Nazi) "National-Socialist"/Fascist Dissolved and banned in 1945
Ireland Irish Workers Party Communist Merged with the Communist Party of Northern Ireland to reconstitute the all-Ireland Communist Party of Ireland in 1962
Israel Workers Party of Eretz Israel Merged into the Israeli Labour Party
Israel United Workers Party Merged into Meretz
Macedonia Workers Party
Mexico Mexican Workers' Party Social democratic Merged with the Unified Socialist Party of Mexico to form the Mexican Socialist Party in 1987
North Korea Workers' Party of North Korea Communist Merged to form the Workers' Party of Korea in 1949
Poland Polish Workers' Party Communist Merged to form the Polish United Workers' Party in 1948
Poland Polish United Workers' Party Marxist-Leninist Self-dissolved in 1990
Romania Romanian Workers' Party Communist Renamed the Romanian Communist Party in 1948
South Africa Workers Party of South Africa Trotskyist Banned in 1953
Spain Workers' Party of Marxist Unification Trotskyist Suppressed by Stalinists during the Spanish Civil War in 1937
United Kingdom International Leninist Workers Party Marxist-Leninist Dissolved into the Socialist Labour Party in 1996
United Kingdom Workers Party of Scotland Marxist-Leninist
United States Democratic Workers Party Marxist-Leninist Dissolved in 1986
United States Workers Party Trotskyist Renamed the Independent Socialist League in 1949
United States American Workers Party Musteite Merged into Workers' Party of the United States
United States Workers Party of America Communist Became Communist Party USA in 1929.
United States Workers' Party of the United States Trotskyist Dissolved into the Socialist Party of America in 1936

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