• (adj): Covered with dense cottony hairs or hairlike filaments.
    Example: "The woolly aphid has a lanate coat resembling cotton"
    Synonyms: lanate
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Some articles on woolly:

Sambirano Woolly Lemur
... The Sambirano woolly lemur (Avahi unicolor), also known as the Sambirano avahi or Unicolor woolly lemur, is a species of woolly lemur native to western Madagascar ...
Southern Woolly Lemur
... The southern woolly lemur (Avahi meridionalis), or southern avahi, has been recently recognized as a separate species of woolly lemur in 2006 by ...
Lachnocnema - Species
... Lachnocnema bibulus group Lachnocnema bibulus (Fabricius, 1793) – Common Woolly Legs Lachnocnema kiellandi Libert, 1996 Lachnocnema laches (Fabricius, 1793) – Southern Pied Woolly Legs Lachnocnema ...
Moore's Woolly Lemur
... Moore's woolly lemur (Avahi mooreorum), or Masoala woolly lemur, is a woolly lemur endemic to Madagascar ...
Woolly-coated Grazing Pig
... Woolly-coated grazing pig is a breed of woolly-coated domestic pig, originating from the Danube region ...

More definitions of "woolly":

  • (adj): Having a fluffy character or appearance.
    Synonyms: flocculent, wooly
  • (adj): Covered with dense often matted or curly hairs.
    Example: "Woolly lambs"
    Synonyms: wooly