Wonkette - Regular Features

Regular Features

  • Gifzette Daily Briefing: Morning humor and commentary by Matt Langer, editor of Gifzette and writer for The Awl.
  • Ayn Rand's Adventures In Wonderland: America 2010: Serial graphic novel by cartoonist Benjamin Frisch. The series has concluded.
  • Barry, Can You Hear Me?: Op-ed column by comedian/radio host Sara Benincasa.
  • Cartoon Violence: Weekly or bi-weekly study of a few poor-quality political cartoons. The cartoons often share a theme. Written by Josh Fruhlinger, who is also the author of The Comics Curmudgeon.
  • Rumors On the Internets: Daily collection of often ridiculous political opinions from the blogs; named for George W. Bush's 2004 debate performance mention of "rumors on the Internets".
  • Washington Blingees: Political figures depicted as MySpace-style animated gifs filled with hip-hop and "tween" imagery.
  • It's Morning In America: Daily news briefing that mocks the style of Beltway news roundups that aim to shape news and opinion. This feature was replaced by the Gifzette Daily Briefing by Matt Langer.
  • Fridays With Peggy: Deconstructions of Peggy Noonan's Wall Street Journal column, often recasting her writing as either the work of a Tory from the 17th century or that of a depraved Gonzo-style character suffering constant hallucinations in her Upper East Side apartment.
  • Win of the Afternoon: Snarky reader comments.
  • Wonkette World 'o Books: Reviews of political books, mostly those written by Republican political or media celebrities, edited by book reviewer Greer Mansfield.

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