Wonders may refer to:

  • Nevada Wonders, an American soccer team
  • Samuel D. Wonders (1890-1980), American engineer
  • Wonders of the World, spectacular man-made constructions and natural things in the world

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Seven Wonders Of The Ancient World - Influence - Modern Lists
... Of Antipater's wonders, the only one that has survived to the present day is the Great Pyramid of Giza ... Records and archaeology confirm the existence of the other five wonders ... the hand of man overcoming Antipater's seven wonders, Roman and Christian sites began to figure on the list, including the Colosseum, Noah's Ark and Solomon's Temple ...
Arnej - Discography - Singles/EPs
2004 8 Wonders - The Morning After (Somatic Sense) 8 ... Wonders - The Morning After Remixes (Somatic Sense) 8 ... Wonders - 8th Wonder (Lost Language) 8 ... Wonders - 8th Wonder. 8 Wonders - People Don't Change / Unspoken Truth / Time Waits For No One (A State Of Trance) 2008 Arney S ... Strangers We've Become (Armind) 8 ... Wonders - The Return / Fading Memories / Eventuality / Life Goes On (A State Of Trance) 2009 Arnej - Dust in the ...
Seven Natural Wonders Of Ukraine
... The Seven Natural Wonders of Ukraine (Ukrainian Сім природніх чудес України, Sim prirodnich Chudes Ukraina) is the second ... of Ukraine, which were chosen in the Seven Natural Wonders of Ukraine on August 26, 2008 ... As for the original event of the Seven Wonders of Ukraine the local and provincial (oblast) authorities composed a list of 1,000 possible candidates ...
Seven Wonders Of Poland
... The Seven Wonders of Poland (Polish Siedem cudów Polski) was a short list of cultural wonders located in Poland ... voting started on 31 August 2007, to choose the top seven wonders ...

Famous quotes containing the word wonders:

    One wonders that the tithing-men and fathers of the town are not out to see what the trees mean by their high colors and exuberance of spirits, fearing that some mischief is brewing. I do not see what the Puritans did at this season, when the maples blaze out in scarlet. They certainly could not have worshiped in groves then. Perhaps that is what they built meeting-houses and fenced them round with horse-sheds for.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    A guide book is addressed to those who plan to follow the traveler, doing what he has done, but more selectively. A travel book, in its purest, is addressed to those who do not plan to follow the traveler at all, but who require the exotic or comic anomalies, wonders and scandals of the literary form romance which their own place or time cannot entirely supply.
    Paul Fussell (b. 1924)

    They that go down to the sea in ships, that do business in great waters, these see the works of the Lord and his wonders in the deep.
    Bible: Hebrew Psalms 107:23-24.